Hero Fighter X




The classic massive battle has arrived to Android


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Hero Fighter X is a classic 2D beat'em up where players pick a character and fight in battles with hundreds of enemy soldiers. This particular version of the game is for Android operating systems, but the original Hero Fighter for Windows is also available through Uptodown.

The main point of reference for Hero Fighter X is the Dynasty Warriors saga. In fact, a good way to define the game would be to say that it's a Dynasty Warriors with 2D graphics. You play with a mythic hero and fight hundreds of enemy soldiers, deploying a huge variety of different available attacks.

Some of the heroes use bows and arrows while others prefer swords, and there are even some who use only their bare hands as weapons. As you play more and more, your level will go up, which will help you learn special moves that are more powerful than the ones you start off with.

During your battles, in addition to facing off against hundreds of military soldiers, you'll also have to fight the generals of the opposing army. Things will get difficult here, but luckily, you can play Hero Fighter X's campaign mode with up to three players, which will make this type of battle easier.

Hero Fighter X is an outstanding 2D action game with a huge amount of content, definitely enough to keep you entertained for several hours. Also, it has excellent graphics and the character designs are amazing.

Requires Android 2.2 or higher